Royal Academy of Engineering: Future of Flight

Published: 11/11/2021

ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINERING is launching its latest free resource called The Future of Flight.


The ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINERING is launching its latest free resource called The Future of Flight which introduces pupils to the technology of the future through the context of aeronautical engineering. It aims to inspire the next generation of young engineers asking them to consider how they can push the boundaries of technology through eight flight focused challenges. 

Challenge topics include - theory of flight, artificial intelligence, health monitoring and clean engines, smart materials, communication.

Find out more and access the free resources

What’s in it for you and your school?

  • Receive free resource kits - engineering themed STEM packs - to use with your classes and send home to pupils
  • You can enhance the provision of STEM learning in your school
  • The opportunity to share good practice and work with each other teachers.


  • Access to engineering careers resources, grant and funding opportunities
  • Activities which support teacher assessments and coursework in STEM subjects
  • Improve student progression to STEM subjects post-16
  • Improve the perception of STEM subjects with under-represented groups

To join an online network meeting of STEM and Primary teachers at 4pm on the 25th of November please email Judith Munro, Teacher Coordinator for Highlands and Islands at


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